Who we are

Brasil Terminal Portuário (BTP) is a joint-venture between the international groups Terminal Investment Limited (TIL), headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland), and APM Terminals, based in the Hague (Netherlands); both have vast experience in port construction, management and operations in dozens of countries and cultures around the world.

The terminal is capable of handling 2,5 millions TEUs and is strategically located at the right bank of the Port of Santos, in a 490 thousand square meter area.

For more than five decades, this venue was considered one of the largest environmental liabilities of the State of São Paulo. In November 2009, BTP began the environmental remediation process in the area. Work was completed in March 2012.

Almost US$ 800 million was invested on this undertaking, and commercial operations began in August 2013.

BTP has more than 1.000 direct employees, generating thousands indirect jobs.

The company is also concerned with the sustainable development of its business. Therefore BTP has implemented environmental programs to manage and monitor the physical, anthropic and biotic settings.