The management of our organization and all of our relationships are based on ethical principles. We are transparent in our internal and external communication processes.

Valuing people

We acknowledge that our employees are our most valuable and important assets. We encourage teamwork and constant learning. We appreciate and respect diversity in the workplace, where we value individual skills. We reward individuals for excellence and outstanding performance.

Employee safety and health

We prioritize safety in all of our activities by means of concrete actions to identify and prevent risks. We are also committed to guaranteeing the well being of our employees.

Operational excellence

We are committed to establish a standard of excellence in every aspect of our business in order to achieve outstanding outcomes in everything we do. We aim to generate profit and we recognize that this can only be done by satisfying the needs of our customers.

Social and environmental responsibility

We are committed to the sustainability of our enterprise and of society at large. We support education and culture and we respect the environment, thus contributing to social and sustainable development.